Sue Denim (sue_denim) wrote in up_away,
Sue Denim

I Chlois, so sue me

I always enjoyed Chloe Sullivan on Smallville but really never got onto the Chlois bandwagon until later on. I actually needed Chlois theory to allow myself to believe Chlark would be the couple at the end. Now, my Chlark love supports my Chlois. This show would be idiots to go any other way.

What was the deciding factor? I guess when someone pointed out that Chloe is Clark's soulmate and supported it with this picture.

Now, I know enough about direction to understand that these were not random trees that were in use and therefore, the words carved into the tree can't be random either. The red suitcase really functions as a giant arrow to point out the words--Soul Mates

I just don't understand why a show would mess around with details like this if they don't really mean them. Clark has only one soulmate, and clearly, it's not "Lois", but Chloe. Thus a new Chloiser was born.
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