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Chlois Orgin Story : A Teenage Superman Obsessed Fan's Tale

(This is going to be a rather lengthy tale , since not only does it include my chlois history it includes my smallville and chlark  history to since they are interlinked ,  sorry, but i will have some videos and pics with it to )

It all started one evening in June of 2006 , My Youth group  and I  went out and saw Superman Returns( i hadn't seen anything superman  before this except   superman the movie when i was 5 and i couldn't remember it ), I was but a young one at the age of 13 at the time and  after i saw it , i fell in love with Superman

that i  wanted to see all the superman i could, about week after the movie,  i was flipping through the box when i came upon Smallville,   The episode  was Onyx  ,but i had no idea what it was, i thought it was some Superman T.V. Movie  or something ( I kept wondering why Clark hadn't switched to Superman and who was that cool blond chick , i even though for a second the Lana was Lois, since she was brunette and Lex seemed to have an interest in her , and i didn't know who Lana Lang was ) that's when i fell in love with Smallville

A few  weeks later i continued to watch it on the channel i
got to the end of the fourth season ( I the next episode i met  Smallville's version of "Lois" and since i still didn't really know much, she seemed like ILL at the time , and i sort of liked her)  i also rented all the third season , and saw the rest of the fourth season and the fifth season online, all before the start of season 6. Now at this time i had no favorite or non favorite character's( except Clark, duh) , ships  or anything ( i didn't even know what a  'ship' was at this point) I just watched to watch. It wasn't till i enter the online smallville fandom ( and my first internet fandom)  that i started to look at what i might like and not like.the site was and i went there looking for the episode guide i started looking at the forum at the Clark subform then joined the site. I started looking around the site and came upon a thread called "Who do you think Clark should be with" , there were the main three girls there in the poll on the top  each with a description of why they should be with him , Lana because she had been his first love , Lois because she was suppose to be his future love and Chloe because she deserved happiness, i had at the time began to like Chloe and thought the fact that she had a crush on Clark sweet and why hadn't he notice that in such a close friend of his , so at that moment i choice Chloe and started officially shipping Chlark.Now at this point i wanted to really define why i liked Chloe and  Clark together and what made me see that Clark  as well as   Chloe were interested , was the Vessel Kiss and  the awkward scene  between Chloe , Clark and  Jimmy in Zod.

This  small little arc is what sold me that Clark and Chloe were both right for each other and bothe liked each other but was afraid to admit it to another because of three things

1. There kiss together screamed chemistry and longing

2. In the Zod scene, Clark asked about the kiss and his face said that he might of wanted it to mean more and his jealous look after Chloe introduces "Henry' Jimmy .

2. That fact the Chloe  tried to deflect the question and come up with some lame exceuse ( it was the end of the world blah, blah , blah)

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