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12 August 2009 @ 01:57 am

CHALLENGE #7: There Are Four Lights!
RUNTIME: August 11th to August 25th

Tell us your origin story as a Chloiser. Was it something that happened over a period of time? Or was there a single deciding moment?

You can post with meta, scenes that were the deciding factor for you, whatever it was that pushed you over the edge. Essays, picspams, vids, or some other creative medium; you decide how to tell your story!

Please remember to keep the entries largely Chloe-focused. Obviously mentioning other characters is fine, just remember to keep Chloe at the center. Good example: "Chloe=Lois Lane because they are both awesome and have great hair! Allow me to demonstrate with many sexy screencaps!" Bad example: "BECAUSE OF THIIIIIIIIIIS (OBSESSIVE CRAZY PICSPAMMING OF ED!LOIS AND GRANT SEXING IT UP)"
29 July 2009 @ 01:08 am

CHALLENGE #6: Epically Epic!
RUNTIME: July 28th to August 10th


It's Chlark time, y'all. Post in whatever format you want, just make it shippy as all hell.
Chloe has been part of an epic love story on Smallville for 8 seasons. Right now, they're going through a rough patch and taking some time apart from each other, but with a love as strong as theirs, you just know they'll get back together again. I think you know who I'm talking about. Smallville's OTP = Chloe and Journalism. Here are 10 signs Chloe and journalism are meant to be forever.

20 not dial up friendly images under the cutCollapse )
A short story with illustrationsCollapse )

Screencaps courtesy dynamic duo and WritrGurl. Promotional image from Andreas.

15 July 2009 @ 09:40 pm
Top 5 times Chloe made Clark jealous...and they say its a platonic relationship

Top 5 Times Chloe made Clark JealousCollapse )

cap source: http://dynamicduo.chlois.org/
15 July 2009 @ 01:16 pm

CHALLENGE #5: Countdown Lists of Awesome!
RUNTIME: July 14th to July 27th

Assemble a countdown list related to Chloe. It can be simple like "Top 10 Favorite Chloe Moments" or "Top 5 Best Chloe Lines."

You could assemble lists from Chloe's POV with her giving her own POV on Important Countdown Issues ("Top 5 Clark Fashion Trainwrecks: the greatest challenge this investigative reporter has ever faced, because who even remembers the days before fug-red-jacket-with-blue-shirt and fug-blue-jacket-with-red-shirt?")

Or rock the Chlois angle and show us your top ten moments where Chloe was totally Lois Lane. Be creative!

Also, I got a question about this last time, but as we wind down, one of the last weeks will be a catchup challenge, where you can post anything related to the old challenges that you didn't get finished in time. :)