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Why I Chlois

Why I Chlois
by Firebunny

I’m what one would call a Chlois Supporter and not a Chlois Believer, mostly because I don’t have the confidence in the writers to have the talent and the courage to do Chlois, but I love the Chlois theory. I love it with all my heart. I believe that at one point it could have pushed the series into the realm of greatness and made it unforgettable. Unfortunately now, with the producers and writers the show has, the best Smallville can achieve is forgettable. But I digress.

How I became a Chloiser (the unabridged version)

I started watching Smallville in Season 1. The first episode I caught was ‘Cool’ and I was immediately captivated by the best looking man the world had ever produced. I have to admit that the first season I didn’t really watch for anything else, just the eye candy. I used to go around to all my friends and coworkers and say, “Have you seen the guy on Smallville? He’s gorgeous!” One friend responded with, “Really? Can he act?” to which I answered, “I don’t know. I’ll have to look for that.”

In Season 2 I started paying more attention to other things besides the beauty of Tom Welling. I always liked Chloe and identified with her insecurities as well as her ambition, but I wasn’t really a Chlarker. I liked Clark with her and had absolutely no interest in Clana, but I was more into the Clex dynamic (not in a slashy way, although there were times when I thought they might kiss) more than anything else.

At the end of Season 2 I was excited about the idea of evil Chloe (although I didn’t really buy into how they moved her into that mindset). I liked the premise that Clark would have a close friend actively trying to uncover his secret and bring him down and I was disappointed at the beginning of Season 3 when they didn’t go in that direction. But the season had other things to keep my interest. The Clex dynamic was at its height and the show produced my favorite episode, ‘Memoria.’

You should understand that from the beginning I never watched the show religiously. I had what one might call “a life” and was out most nights of the week. I caught as many episodes as I could, but missed a good deal of them. I think ‘Delete’ must have been one of the episodes I missed, because I don’t remember watching it when it first aired.

In Season 4 the show began to change and Lex was moved out of the second lead spot and into a supporting character role. The Clex dynamic started to wane. I liked Lois well enough in her first four episodes and was ready to watch the “legendary love” begin. It didn’t. Furthermore, Lois represented the move the show was making towards shallow comedy (outside of a couple episodes, I don’t think Smallville does comedy very well) and I began to find her annoying. When Chloe learned the secret she started to move up in importance for me. I identified very strongly with her unrequited love for Clark (I was going through something similar) and wanted to see them together.

In Season 5 I quit a job that was killing me on the inside. With nothing to do during the day I started Netflixing just about everything I had the slightest interest in. Smallville was one of the shows I rented. Going through the series a second time I was less blinded by The Pretty and able to pay more attention to the characters and plot. I also caught all the episodes I’d missed. I became much more engrossed in the show and went on-line to read more about it.

I found K-site and the Chlois thread and it all just sort of clicked for me. It’s as simple as that.

Why Chlois Clicks for Me

Look, I made an animated pie chart!

There are seven reasons I can think of why Chlois appeals to me so much. Indulge me while I expound on them.

Yes, there is a shipper element to why I Chlois. If Chloe is the Lois Lane of lore that means she and Clark will be together for all times. The irony is that I wasn’t a hardcore Chlark shipper until I came across the Chlois theory. Chlark appealed to me, I liked it much better than Clana, but I wasn’t invested in it. When I got interested in Chlois I went back and looked more closely at Chlark. That’s when I started to appreciate the slow and logical build to their relationship. There are no lightswitches here. There are no space sluts inexplicably announcing that the two love each other. We’ve seen the development. We’ve seen how they’ve come to rely on and trust each other more than anyone else. They’re partners and equals. They understand each other better than anyone else ever could. Their relationship has been and continues to be tested, but each time they come through stronger than before. And I really truly believe that they would enjoy it if they were to bump uglies.

I’ve seen other people say that they want Chlois because Chloe deserves it. In all honesty I could give a rat’s ass about what Chloe deserves. I’m much more interested in what Lois Lane deserves. Not the Lois we see on Smallville. I’m referring to the Lois Lane of the comics, the movies and other TV shows. I’m talking about the Lois Lane who is an iconic symbol in our society. She deserves better than what Smallville has given her. She deserves to be educated, driven and smart. She deserves to earn her job and her fame, not just to be handed them. I want to respect Lois. I want to look up to her. Chlois lets me do that.

It’s not all about Lois. There’s Clark and Superman as well. Clark is my favorite character on Smallville. Part of that is because he’s so unbelievably pretty and part of that is because he’s a hero. He gives of himself to protect us. He should get something in return. He shouldn’t be saddled with a freeloading, morally questionable alcoholic. He shouldn’t have to be dumbed down just to be on her level. He should be with a woman who challenges and supports him, who is just as heroic as he is. He should be with a woman who saw how special he was (either as Clark or as Superman) the first day she saw him. With Chlois Clark is rewarded with a love he deserves.

I love a good twist ending, and by “good twist” I mean something that I may have not seen coming, but that was part of the story all along. WARNING: Spoilers for a well known twist ending. The ending to The Sixth Sense caught me by surprise, but when I went back and saw the movie again (I don’t pay to see movies in the theater more than once, but I paid to see The Sixth Sense twice) I could see how no one interacted with Bruce Willis’ character or even looked at him. Clues were laced throughout the movie that he was one of the ghosts the little boy could see. The story stands alone without the twist, but the twist turns the film on its ear and demands that you view it again. Jenry is a sucky twist because there are no clues to lay the ground work. There’s no reason to watch the series again because of it. Chlois, on the other hand, has been layered in and hinted at since the first season (even if the producers didn’t intend it, the hints are there). A Chlois twist would do for Smallville what the twist ending did for The Sixth Sense. It would make rewatching the series a must.

I can’t deny that part of the appeal of Chlois is the appeal of the actress who plays Chloe Sullivan. Allison Mack is a talented performer. She’s able to imbue her character with sympathy even when that character isn’t doing the right thing. She’s subtle and poignant and she can say the most ridiculous expositional lines like they make perfect sense. But what impresses me most about her is how she made Chloe live and breathe journalism. When Chloe was a reporter journalism was a calling. It was on equal footing with superhero. It was noble and exciting. Goodness, Chloe practically achieved orgasm just by coming up with a good headline. Since the show has removed Chloe from journalism the profession has lost its magic. It’s about as interesting as being a waitress or a state senator’s chief of staff. There’s nothing special about it.

In a series about Superman’s secret origins, where he was sent to Earth to rule it, where he at one point robbed banks, where Lex Luthor started out as a good guy, it makes sense that Lois Lane would have a secret origins story as well. It makes sense that if Superman has a secret identity Lois Lane would too. And what’s happened in the show supports it. As much as the writers/ producers deny it, they have, with ‘Delete’ and ‘Hex,’ introduced the notion that Chloe will go by the name Lois Lane. They’ve suggested that she’ll change her name in the future. They admitted to purposefully not calling her by name in the future scenes in ‘Lexmas.’ They have had EDLois herself prophesize a star reporter future for Chloe, a future that includes Clark. I’m not one to pick up on the little clues, but these aren’t little. They’re the kinds of hints that one would, after the reveal, see and say, “Aha! They planned this all along.”

As a writer I love the notion that Chlois unites the beginning of the story with the end. Clark, Lex, Lana and Lois were all there at the start, molding each other, through encouragement and interference, into the legends they’ll be. If one of them hadn’t been there none of them would take their place in destiny. The show started off telling small stories, but those small stories elicited excitement because one could see how the small stuff was the groundwork for the epic stuff to come later. I can’t understand how the writers could resist the idea of Chlois. It makes the story stronger and gives it more meaning.

And that’s why I Chlois.

Because I love the image so much, I offer up to everyone this Einstein icon.

Please gank and use proudly.

Comic book scans from Carbon Copy.  Vengeance screencap from Dynamic Duo.  Pilot screencaps from Screencap Paradise.  Pie chart made in Microsoft Excel and Beneton Movie Gif Maker.  Other images found in various random places.

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