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UP, UP, AND AWAY + chlois summer challenge
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Up, Up, and Away is a community for fans of Chloe Sullivan and the Chlois theory. Every two weeks over this summer, the mods will post a non-competitive Chloe-related theme for members to post about. Rec posts, top ten lists, picspams, meta, srs bzness, sparkletext and macro spam... There should be a challenge here to suit everyone's needs. The challenges will continue until the premiere of S9, so join the community and get in on the fun as we count down to the ninth season!


1. Keep it Chloe-related. Some of the challenges may be open for posting material with a multi-character or shippy bend, which is cool, as long as you keep the focus of your post on Chloe.

Posting your meta opus on how Chloe's haircuts act as commentary on her characterization for each season is on topic. Pimping your fanfic where Chloe is a background character acting as a sounding board for Clark's exciting sexy feelings for Lex is off topic, no matter how hot the Clex porn is.

2. Make sure your posts adhere to the ongoing challenge and follow the deadlines. Each challenge lasts for two weeks, and has the end date listed on the sidebar. Any posts that miss the deadline will be deleted.

3. Use your judgement with lj-cuts and preview images. When in doubt, use an lj-cut. If your post is long and text-heavy, cut it. Anything image-heavy goes behind a cut.

If you want to use a preview image for your picspam or fanart post, please keep it at a small size as to not stretch out peoples' flist viewing pages and to cut down on loading time.

4. Warn for S9 spoilers. Be courteous to those who want to remain unspoiled for next season, and keep any spoilers for S9 behind a cut and provide spoiler warnings.

5. Don't be a jerk. And if someone is causing a problem, contact a mod via PM.
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